Fenugreek Seeds

Botanical Name: Trigonella Foneum-Graecum L

Fenugreek is local to southern Europe, the Mediterranean area and Western Asia. It is developed from western Europe to China for the sweet-smelling seeds is as yet developed for grain in parts of Europe and northern Africa. It is a fundamental fixing in Indian curries. In India, the seeds are to a great extent utilized by the locals, both as flavor and prescription, while the crisp plant is devoured as a vegetable. It was utilized by the Egyptians to make yellow color, mortars, and cataplasms. Seed glues were utilized to treat fever, diabetes and stomach grumblings. Customary Chinese cultivators utilized it for kidney issues and conditions influencing the male conceptive tract. In different zones of North Africa, the seeds glue were customarily eaten by ladies to put on weight, in mix with sugar and olive oil.

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